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Incoloy Alloy 825, Incoloy Alloy 825 UNS N08825 , Incoloy Alloy 825 Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners Exporter

ASTM B366 / B564 / B425 Incoloy Alloy 825, Werkstoff Nr 2.4858 Incoloy Alloy 825 Round Bars, Pipes and Tubes Supplier

Metal Ministry Inc. is a leading Exporter & Supplier of Incoloy Alloy 825. Incoloy 825 is a nickel-press chromium combination with increases of molybdenum, copper and titanium. This nickel steel alloy concoction organization is intended to give outstanding resistance to numerous destructive situations. It is like alloy 800 yet has enhanced resistance to fluid corrosion. It has great resistance to both diminishing and oxidizing acids, to push corrosion breaking, and to confined assault, for example, setting and fissure corrosion. Alloy 825 is particularly impervious to sulfuric and phosphoric acids. This nickel steel alloy is utilized for chemical processing, pollution-control equipment, oil and gas well piping, nuclear fuel reprocessing, acid production, and pickling equipment. We further supply these Incoloy Alloy 825 in wide ranges at minimum price.

Incoloy Alloy 825 Exporter

Metal Ministry Inc. Exports & Supply's Incoloy Alloy 825 Round bars, Incoloy Alloy 825 Hex bars, Incoloy Alloy 825 Forged Bars, Incoloy Alloy 825 Strips, Incoloy Alloy 825 Sheets, Incoloy Alloy 825 Plates, Incoloy Alloy 825 Seamless Pipes, Incoloy Alloy 825 Welded Pipes, Incoloy Alloy 825 ERW Pipes, Incoloy Alloy 825 Large Diameter Pipes, Incoloy Alloy 825 ( All types of flanges), Incoloy Alloy 825 Fasteners, Incoloy Alloy 825 Nuts/Bolts/Washers, Incoloy Alloy 825 Forged Fittings, Incoloy Alloy 825 Buttweld Fittings, Incoloy Alloy 825 Olets, Incoloy Alloy 825 Weldolets, Incoloy Alloy 825 Sockolets, Incoloy Alloy 825 Instrumentation Fittings.

Specification of Incoloy Alloy 825

Rod, Bar and Forging Stock BS 3076NA16, ASTM B 425, ASTM B 564, ASME SB 425, ASME SB 564, ASME Code Case N-572, DIN 17752, DIN 17753, DIN 17754, VdTÜV 432, ISO 9723, ISO 9724, ISO 9725
Plate, Sheet and Strip ASTM B 168/ASME SB 168, ASTM B 906/ASME SB 906, ASME Code Cases 1827 and N-253, SAE/AMS 5540, BS 3072NA14 and 3073NA14, DIN 17750, ISO 6208, EN 10095, MIL-DTL-23228
Pipe and Tube BS 3074NA16, ASTM B 163, ASTM B 423, ASTM B 704, ASTM B 705, ASTM B 751, ASTM B 775, ASTM B 829, ASME SB 163, ASME SB 423, ASME SB 704, ASME SB 705, ASME SB 751, ASME SB 775, ASME SB 829, ASME Code Case 1936, DIN 17751, VdTÜV 432, ISO 6207
Other ASTM B 366/ASME SB 366, DIN 17742

Chemical Composition of Incoloy Alloy 825

Ni Fe Cr Mb Cu Ti C Mn S Si Al
38.0-46.0 22.0 min 19.5-23.5 2.5-3.5 1.5-3.0 .6-1.2 0.05 max 1.0 max 0.03 max 0.5 max 0.2 max

Physical Properties of Incoloy Alloy 825

Properties Description
Density 8.14gm/cc
Melting Point 1370 -1400 oC
Specific Heat 0.105 Btu/lb-oF
Curie Temperature -124oC
Permeability at 200 oersted 1.005 (15.9 kA/m)

Metal Ministry Inc. are Suppliers & Exports of Incoloy Alloy 825 Round Bars, Pipes and Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges & Fasteners to United States of America, Russia, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Nigeria, Ethiosia, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote D`lvoire, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Rwanda, Benin, Brundi, Tunisia, South Sudan, Togo, Sierra Leone, Libya, Congo, Liberia, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Eritrea, Namibia, Gambia, Botswana, Gabon, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius, Eswatini, Djibouti, Comoros, Cabo Verde, Seychelles, Reunion, Western Sahara, Mayotte, Saint Helena, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, East Timor, Cyprus, Georgia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Palestine, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican City, Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, The Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Island, Canada, Cayman Island, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Greenland, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Navassa Island, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Australia, Fiji, Marshall Island, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands & Tuvalu.

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