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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at Metal Ministry Inc. is a procedure created as a methods for guaranteeing our clients that every one of their necessities and requirements are met. It is likewise a demeanor of brain, a logic of client benefit that penetrates the whole association, and is a regular concentration of preparing and re-preparing programs.

Quality Policy

At Metal Ministry Inc. our representatives cling to and add to the effectiveness of our quality framework in each part of our business. Our dedication certifications to furnish our customers with uncompromising quality and administration. This is accomplished through a group approach where every one of the individuals know about the organization goals and work inside their own particular train to make a compelling commitment.

To check that the supply made to our customers correct determinations, our quality control group consolidates specialized aptitude, learning of mechanical models and the most recent assessment instruments and machines to meet all prerequisites. Specific consideration is paid to great, resilience and traceability.

The quality affirmation framework is guided by rule that help our one of a kind working society which fuses regard, self administration, open correspondence and imagination.

These standards are :

  • We endeavor to be the best in our industry.
  • We think about our clients.
  • We do our closest to perfect to respect our duties.
  • We endeavor to dependably act with respectability and decency.

Quality Control

All Metal Ministry Inc. products are manufactured under strict process rules and regulations and are monitored throughout the producton process. We go through number of checks to ensure total conformity to specification.

  • Chemical Analysis :
    Chemical Test as per quality required.
  • Marking :
    We ensue complete identification and tracebility ,all the information as required by the standard like Brand name, Size, Grade, Specification.
  • Visual Inspection:
    After passivation, every single length of tubes and pipes is subjected through visual inspection.
  • Corrosion Test :
    We perform corrosion test only if it is requested by clients.
  • Supplementary Test :
    Radiography test
    Ultrasonic test
    Eddy Current
    Hot tensile
    Liquid Penetrate test
    Air under pressure test.

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